Who We Target

In Pursuit of Excellence

We scour the U.S. seeking the best of the best marketing and communications talent whether that be brand side or agency, left brain or right brain practitioners, traditional functions or those in the digital/social/mobile space, five years of experience or twenty.

If you believe you carry an impeccable array of skills and experience, are open minded to career opportunities, and can articulate what they look like, we may very well be a match.

We ask that you reveal your credentials – things that make you stand out – and, if chosen, allow us to showcase them – while taking great care to protect you. Your identity won’t be shared anywhere without your permission. We will mask your name, companies worked at, specific brands you’ve touched and any other identifiers.

Ideally, you will be able to put “the proof in the pudding”. What you achieved, what you won, where you moved the meter, how fast you were advanced, first of this, the only one who achieved that, etc., etc.

If you truly are the best of the best, you:

  1. Honestly believe you should be pursued, not be the pursuer.
  2. Are not likely to be part of a cattle call with no assurance you will hear back.
  3. Have real concerns about exposure.
  4. Want to control the process rather than be controlled by it.
  5. Like the thought of being exposed to hidden opportunities, opportunities in other regions, and opportunities that aren’t yet published.
  6. Are just too busy to conduct your own search.

We will take great pains to find out what makes you tick. But please know that at the end of the day if you qualify for the ‘A’ List you are truly in exclusive company. And this company  positions you excellently for the next great career step.