How does it work?

We work hard to develop a body of elite talent that represents the best of the best in the industry for a particular time period. Once we have accomplished this, we compile a masked bio on each individual – without compromising their identity – that interested companies can view. If a company is interested in a specific profile and requests an introduction, we ask that person’s permission before we divulge their identity. And you certainly have the right to decline the request if the company or its opportunity doesn’t feel right.


How do you protect my identity?

We focus on achievements and skills. Identities aren’t important at this juncture. Bios are developed void of specific names, companies and clients. If a company is interested in meeting you, it’s because of what you are, not who you are.


How do you determine who makes the list?

We look at a series of criteria that deal with achievements, loyalty, presence, referrals, sincerity, etc. It is a challenging list to make but you should feel awfully good if you do.


What do I need to provide?

Information of course. Please review the short questionnaire for the type of base line information we find valuable.  You may fill this information out online or, if you prefer, we can retrieve it directly from you via phone or email. As you would expect, we also request a current version of your resume. Again, we keep your identity private – no companies are exposed to your personal info without your approval. Along the way we will likely have clarifying questions and perhaps a request for additional information. We assure you we’re transparent: After reviewing your body of work we will let you know exactly where we stand on your prospect of becoming an ‘A’ List member.


Am I precluded from utilizing other resources leading to a new job?

In a nutshell, no. We’re still concerned with finding the true ‘A’ players. You have a right to deploy different tools that will help further career advancement. At some point there could be too many cooks in the kitchen however. In general, our talent doesn’t have a posse of headhunters on speed dial and aren’t chasing numerous job postings.


How exclusive of a list is this?

Very exclusive. We’re under no pressure to come up with a set quota. Rather, we let the competitive set tell us how exclusive any specific ‘A’ List becomes. It could be the top 10 percent of interested talent in one period but just the top five percent in the next. It comes down to merit first and foremost.


What if I’m not sure about being ready for the next career opportunity?

To be honest we do need an emotional commitment from you. If you can truly be open minded to the right opportunity – and can describe what that opportunity looks like – only then can we proceed. Again, it’s okay if there is an interested company you don’t wish to engage with. It’s also fine if you are 60, 90, or 120 days away from putting the pedal down. We can deal with that type of timing. Who knows, there could be a company dealing with similar timing that is attracted to your skills.


In the event that I’d like to speak with someone directly do you offer a local market contact?

We do in fact have a network of contacts around the country who serve as talent scouts and advisors. These contacts are imbedded in their respective markets and have important day jobs. But they make themselves available in certain situations. Whether that be for a phone conversation, a face to face, or a different form of communication, will be determined at the appropriate time.


How often should I expect we will communicate?

Obviously, you will hear from us immediately if a company is showing initial interest in your profile. We do communicate regularly with our list of elite talent, primarily through an exclusive newsletter that is published on a regular basis. And once you’re an ‘A’ List member, you can flag us at any time and expect to get VIP treatment.


What makes this a good deal for me?

First of all, you understand the limitations of traditional headhunters and corporate recruiters. Secondly, the thought of being a part of an elite talent network is appealing and seems like a great business bet. Additionally, the exclusivity factor is real and something you can wear proudly. Finally, the hidden job network is alive and well and a compelling off radar opportunity may well present itself as a result of being featured in the ‘A’ List.


Is there a fee?

No fee. Again, our mission is to keep company with the best of the best industry talent and you either qualify or you don’t based on your merits.