The Path to Elite Talent

Jay Gould “walked the industry walk”, having worked for several companies in various marketing and advertising management roles over a 15-year period.  He proceeded to launch The Gould Group, a traditional model executive search firm, in the mid 1990s. The Gould Group conducted over 130 executive level searches throughout the U.S. in the segments of marketing, marketing communications, and business development.

Over time, Gould developed a core belief that elite talent should be treated differently. True ‘A’ players earned the right to call their own shots. Sterile calls from corporate recruiters and headhunters has left this elite segment disenchanted with “the system”. Additionally, online job postings are often out of date, trolling expeditions, or mirages. Applicant Tracking Systems have in many ways become the Evil Empire of the jobs market by stripping away the human connection.

Elite talent is the exception to the rule. It is never not coveted. Whether it be through retaining its key people or recruiting new talent, astute companies understand that, above and beyond all else, you win with talent. As a result, great opportunities are bestowed upon true difference makers in any economy.

Today, Gould engages with the very top tier of marketing, communications and sales talent who seek a better connection to prime opportunities, welcome the chance to validate their rank among the best of the best in their field but, at the same time, need to proceed on a clandestine basis.

In a nutshell, we conduct a stringent process that identifies and ultimately features an exclusive talent pool. The best of the best will never have their identities compromised and we will never release a name without first securing that person’s permission.

Ask yourself, does the traditional recruiting process leave you feeling a little flat? Based on your accomplishments do you believe you’ve earned a higher level of respect and can prove it? Does the validation of elite status, and the quality and quantity of opportunities it can lead to, seem to make sense? If so, we should connect.